"It’s unfortunate that it falls on marginalized communities to speak up about our experiences to promote change, but I do believe that’s key to inspiring adaptations in how our society functions to include us in the ways we need and deserve.”

T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus is an award-winning cultural worker based in New York City and Central Pennsylvania.

They create work driven by healing activism, art and narrative as tools for change, and self-care as disruption.

Sydney has written or provided interviews for i-D, PAPER, NYLON, and more, and contributed to Teen Vogue, them.Planned Parenthood of NYC, and Beauty Bakerie.

Sydney co-hosts the Invisible Illnesses Support Circle at The Wing. They organize, host, and speak at additional events.

They are also an inaugural member of the disability council at The Wing, advising on events, new spaces, and other accessibility topics.

Sydney is a queer, nonbinary femme living with chronic illnesses that cause intersystem disabilities.