"It’s unfortunate that it falls on marginalized communities to speak up about our experiences to promote change, but I do believe that’s key to inspiring adaptations in how our society functions to include us in the ways we need and deserve.”

T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus is an award-winning writer, creator, speaker, and organizer passionate about healing activism, art and narrative as tools for change, and self-care as disruption. Sydney is the founder and director of Simple Politicks. Their work has been highlighted by W, Teen Vogue, i-D, and more. 

Sydney is a co-author and peer-editor of academic text Fear of Fashion: Critical Cases on the Anxiety of Fashion. They write on the intersections of art, feminism, and pop culture, and are a contributor for THEM, Teen Vogue, PAPER, and NYLON.

The New School and Planned Parenthood NYC awarded Sydney with a design fellowship in which they, along with another youth artist, redesigned PPNYC's community outreach engagements.

After nearly a decade of blood tests and doctor visits, Sydney was diagnosed in late November 2017 with late-stage neurological Lyme, bartonella, and ehrlichia. Since then, Sydney has been an active figure in tick-borne disease research, treatment, and education advocacy. This winter/spring, they collaborated on a campaign with Beauty Bakerie to raise funds and awareness for Global Lyme Alliance during Lyme Awareness Month.

Sydney sits on the advisory board of Astra Labs for their upcoming software suite Resist, developed to aid activists and organizers in our efforts.