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Queer Cosmos
December 3, 2019 | instagram TV feature

In honor of International Day of Persons with Disabilities today, I spoke with cultural worker @taysydberg in Scorpio Season about ways the transformational community - coaches, trainers, therapists, and metaphysicians -can be as inclusive as possible for readers and clients with disabilities.

June 12, 2019 | podcast episode guest

NEW EPISODE! Writer / activist / model / marvel @taysydberg joined Lauren this week to talk about living with Lyme, POTS and Hashimoto's. One topic that's very clear in Sydney's work, as well as in our discussion: IDENTITY. Let's get into it. Tune in now on @itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts!

May 31, 2019 | article feature

The main issue I have with the wellness industry is that it's often unfortunately utilized as a way to blame people for their health or lack thereof. The wellness industry doesn't factor in genetics, socioeconomics, location and environment, or luck, which are all factors with a huge influence on disability and chronic illness.

The Wing
May 7, 2019 | instagram feature

It started with a Winglet date to see a Wrinkle in Time and quickly turned into a night of bonding over advocacy around personal illnesses. Not too long later, Wing members @taysydberg and @aditijuneja3 decided to start a support circle for folks with invisible illnesses— and tonight they host their fourth Invisible Illness Support Circle at The Wing!!!

March 28, 2019 | video feature w interview and behind-the-scenes footage

Recently, I had the chance to speak with three emerging designers in the sustainable fashion community. They each have a unique voice yet share a passion for creating change through their work. Most compelling about these designers, aside from their obvious drive and talent, is their clear sense of purpose. They each feel the urgency of the sustainable mission and have taken personal responsibility to push the fashion community towards ethical design practices.

March 12, 2019 | instagram feature

INTRODUCING the next wave of creative talents: @taysydberg and @katewalz. We spoke to them about their drive, purpose and the reason behind their passion for sustainability. Feeling inspired and grateful. Thank you for this beautiful day!

March 5, 2019 | map of new voices

With the aim of discovering new cultural talents, we asked Adwoa who her favourite new voice is. Discover her recommendation, and her recommendation’s recommendations, and so on, in the graphic below.

The New School
October 1, 2018 | twitter feature

"I identify as disabled because I have a chronic, incurable illness that disadvantages me in a society that values people based on our level of productivity." @EugeneLang/@ParsonsDesign student @taysydberg

The Wing
September 20, 2018 | twitter feature

Forever proud of our Winglet @taysydberg who just published this incredible essay about living with an invisible disability and self-advocacy. Floored by you!!!!!

Sorjo Magazine
July 29, 2018 | interview

Ever heard of Tick Borne Diseases? If not, then you’ve probably heard about one of the most common tick borne diseases (TBD)  which is Lyme disease. It’s a serious illness caused by a bite from an infected tick and according to the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation, “Ticks pick up the bacteria by biting infected animals, and then pass it on to other animals, including human hosts.” I caught up with a T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus, an activist for TBD prevention and treatment. She definitely gave me more insight into how she lives with her illness and what she’s doing to spread awareness. Here’s what she had to say.

May 30, 2018 | article feature

It’s unfortunate that it falls on marginalised communities to speak up about our experiences to promote change, but I do believe that’s key to inspiring adaptations in how our society functions to include us in the ways we need and deserve.

Teen Vogue
May 25, 2018 | snapchat takeover

Hi! I'm Sydney Bergeron Mikus, and I'm taking over Teen Vogue's Snapchat today for Lyme Awareness Month to talk about Lyme disease! And yes, it is what Bella Hadid has, as well as Anwar and Yolanda.

The Wing
May 25, 2018 | twitter feature

Winglet @taysydberg is taking over @TeenVogue's snapchat today to talk Lyme Disease and collaborating with @beautybakerie to raise awareness! Check check check it out!! 

The Wing
May 14, 2018 | twitter feature

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month! Winglet @taysydberg has collaborated with make-up brand @beautybakerie and will donate a percentage of proceeds from Do It For the Graham Palette sales to the Global Lyme Alliance! Do it for the cause and check it out!

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics
May 1, 2018 | campaign collaboration and interview

In honor of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, we are donating a percentage of proceeds from all Do It For the Graham Palette sales to the Global Lyme Alliance! Our mission is to be Better not Bitter... And we were inspired by the story of Sydney, a Beauty Bakerie Sweetie who was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 2017.

Twitter Moment
Mar 27, 2018 | quote in twitter moment

I'm a nonbinary, disabled femme, and @the_wing is one of the only spaces I can go to feel safe, because I know men aren't there and the Wing makes an effort to cater to minorities.

W Magazine
March 25, 2018 |mention in article

For every student-turned-activist like Emma González, back in Parkland, there are hundreds more still quietly dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy. Those hundreds, though, are invisible in the media, as are those like one of my dear friends, the community organizer and disability advocate T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus, who organized a day of at-home activism in Brooklyn on Saturday for those who couldn’t make their way to a march. Another close friend of mine who’d been hoping to attend found herself instead having to figure out her anxiety medication and make sure her health was in order. These are valid reasons to sit out on the IRL action and find other forms of protests—the type we’re now also demanding deserve publicity.

Style Insider
November 14, 2017 | instagram feature

The best thing about cold weather: all the layers. 🌬 | 📷: @taysydberg

Planned Parenthood NYC
March 14, 2017 | instagram feature

@taysydberg is hand knitting these vulva sweaters to benefit PPNYC! They're custom so you can choose your own colors. 💕

Her Campus Millersville
August 28, 2016 | interview

Ever wondered what it would be like to intern for one of your favorite magazines? My friend Sydney Bergeron is currently living out that daydream as a digital editorial intern for Nylon. As an aspiring fashion designer, she not only is getting the ever-glamourous experience of working in fashion, but she is also developing a name for herself within the fashion and editorial world. She was even able to take over Nylon’s Snapchat to show her tutorial on how to make flower petal eyelashes! I asked Sydney how she would feel about being interviewed about her internship and she was more than happy to provide us all with her daily schedule, tips and overall advice on how to land that perfect fashion internship!

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics
June 2, 2016 | feature on brand blog

We’ve got the secret recipe to make sure your makeup is the only accessory you’ll need this summer. Sydney Bergeron Mikus, fashion specialist and writer for Nylon, guides us on how to create a captivating look full of contrasting colors. Sydney's favorite thing about fashion and beauty is "performing different personas through your styling."

NYLON Magazine
February 5, 2016 | instagram feature

when our intern @taysydberg's hair is an actual work of art 😍🌈✨

Teen Vogue
2015 | street style photo

Green pigtails, a flower crown, blue lips, and multi-colored brows?! We're in awe of this ultra-unique beauty look.

awards & honors

Guest on Uninvisible Pod, the winner of the 2019 WEGO Health Awards in the Best in Show: Podcast category.

The New School x Teen Vogue Summit
June 2018

Awarded free 3-day pass to the 2018 Teen Vogue Summit (view contest & submission)

Parsons x PPNYC Design Fellowship

Design fellowship & stipend

Dean's Merit Scholarship
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Recurring annual scholarship award

Lancaster County Young Artist Awards

Echo Valley Committee Choice Award
Gold Award - Apparel x2
Silver Award - Jewelry x2
Silver Award - Apparel x2
Silver Award - Art & Design

Burrowes Scholars
May 3, 2012


Lancaster County Young Artist Awards

Exhibition Award - Jewelry
Silver Award - Jewelry x2

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Silver Key - Poetry