Sex Ed Ink is a temporary tattoo booth featuring a range of designs that appeal to all genders, races, and socioeconomic standings.

  • Appeal to youth ages 11-24
  • Design a lightweight, durable, and portable kiosk
  • Design a visually based engagement

Mechanisms for Engagement

  • Application time for temporary tattoos provides an opportunity for engagement and teachable moments
  • Tattoos designs: range in content; apply to everyone
  • Include swag and information about PPNYC

Prototype 1.0:

Location: Parsons 2 West 13th St Lobby by the L elevator.

Targeted Audience: College Students 18- 24 yrs old

Time: 4:40pm- 5:30pm

Our Script Opening: “Hi! Would you like a temporary tattoo?”

Number of Engagements: 11

Time per Engagement: 30 seconds to 2 minutes. One interaction lasted 6 minutes.

Objective: To hand out/apply our temporary tattoos or have the option to grab one of our buttons. While applying tattoo there was a trivia game that we wanted feedback on. Also, free to grab any swag we got from PPNYC.


  • Temporary tattoos as icebreaker
  • Positive tattoo application experience
  • Safe sex kit needs varied products
  • Minimal interest in trivia game


  • Grapefruit vulva most popular
  • Minimal interest in buttons


  • Shaky kiosk
  • Water spillage
  • Trash leftover from tattoo application
  • Visibility issues; add overhead sign


Engaging, fun, and a new experience. A conversation starter to bring in more people.

Prototype 2.0

Location: University Center lobby on the platform leading to the lower lobby

Targeted Audience: College Students 18 - 24 yrs old

Time: 5:00 - 6:00pm

Our Script Opening: “Hi! Would you like a temporary Tattoo?”

Number of Engagements: 12

Time per Engagement: 1 to 4 minutes. Average 2 mins.

Objective: Hand out/apply our larger variety of temporary tattoos; pass out Safer Sex Kits. Tattoo application process gave us time to converse with guests.


  • PPNYC swag was a distraction; focus on tattoos
  • Safe sex kit needs varied products
  • Add outreach through online platform


  • Most popular: grapefruit vulva, self love
  • Redesign safe sex kit to fit aesthetic


  • Visibility solved with banner
  • Unbalanced dowel with banner


Predominantly female and femme audience. We had such great engagements with the people that came to us that our tattoos went out of stock.

Final renderings, tatto designs, etc.


Kiosk Rendering


Flash Sheet

Customizable depending on outreach audience wants and needs.


Safe Sex Kit

Customizable depending on outreach audience wants and needs.


Fanny Pack

  • Can be worn year-round over multiple layers of clothing
  • Identifies Planned Parenthood officials during outreach engagements
  • Provides additional storage

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Bayley Resetar | Desireé Rodrigues-St Plice | T. Sydney Bergeron Mikus | Thais Reyes