In June and July 2017, I worked as a designer for Planned Parenthood of New York City. Along with Alexandra Morton, I redesigned PPNYC's community outreach materials and experiences, focusing on how to inspire positive and meaningful interactions between PPNYC representatives and passers-by on their street-level engagements.

We designed 12 icons for use in the game and marketing materials, as well as a design system to encourage seamless integration of future designers. Our work culminated in "Circle Up:" a large-scale yet portable educational game.

Physical deliverables all fit into a single yoga bag for easy transportation:

  • Two 4' diameter playing cards, each with six (6) icons
  • Two 2' LxWxH inflatable dice, customized to match the modes of play
  • Instruction cards for modes of play

You can read all about it in a piece I wrote for NYLON.